About Us

We must say that in our business, you are ‘solid gold’.  Translation:  You’re the best there is. One, we like your perseverance.  Two, your logic.  Three, your almost fanatic adherence to details. Lindbergh made the Atlantic crossing because he persevered every day and every hour to the details right down to counting the rivets to save weight on his plane.  You remind us so much of him”.
Henry & Joan Garbar, Radiant Meadows House Publishing-Maine

Dottie & Bob ErdmannBob Erdmann, Columbine Communications & Publications founder and president, has a distinguished publishing career spanning five decades which includes all phases of book publishing. More than half of his long tenure in the publishing industry has been as consultant to literally hundreds of publishers of every size and shape. His clients have ranged from small, one-book, self-published authors to very large conglomerate publishing houses. The earlier part of his long life in publishing saw him in senior management, executive capacities with well-respected, high-profile publishing companies where his creative innovations in every element of book publishing brought about countless successes.

In 1978 Bob decided to share his successful publishing experience by opening his publishing consultancy-Columbine Communications & Publications. Since then his clients, whether large or small, have been provided with Bob’s unique personal one-on-one attention, which in today’s very impersonal world is greatly appreciated (and admired) by all. As a two-term president of the prestigious Independent Book Publishers Association-IBPA (Formerly PMA-Publishers Marketing Association) Bob played major roles in many of the successful programs that its members enjoy today. More information about Bob can be found at www.bob-erdmann.com.

Columbine Communications & Publications now focuses entirely on foreign rights.  Books in its highly successful Foreign Rights Programs have been sources of significant revenue streams for its North American client publishers and authors, as well as foreign publishers and agents, by successfully negotiating thousands of foreign rights licensing agreements.

“I’ve learned so much about publishing and foreign rights as Bob’s 24 hour ‘on call’ assistant”, says Dottie Erdmann.  “I’ve seen our clientele grow exponentially.  Publishers worldwide greet us with enthusiastic Hello’s as they arrive for meetings as we have become friends as well as business partners throughout the years.  On the phone I’m able to speak with authors and publishers business-wise and chat (occasionally) on a personal basis.  We welcome your calls and questions and the opportunity to continue to offer you our professional foreign rights services.”  Dottie is also an accomplished artist.  Look at her work at www.dottieerdmann.com.

Mary MertzMary Mertz has been with Columbine Communications & Publications for over 20 years.  She handles all data base management which is crucial to our follow up work with foreign publishers and agents so that we can report accurately to our client authors and publishers.  It’s a daunting task as she somehow is able to maintain updates on tens of thousands of data critically important to our success.  In addition to her data base management, Mary has capably worked the Frankfurt Book Fair (see photo) where she meets with many of the foreign publishers and agents with whom she communicates often via email.  In addition to her publishing talent, Mary is a world-champion equestrian.  You can learn more about her at www.mertzstables.com.