For North American Publishers & Authors

“Thanks so much for your efforts with my book, and the graceful and
professional manner in which you do business.  I really appreciate it”.
Gayle A. Davis Ph.D., Psychology Connection-Colorado


1.  “Our Major Annual Catalog”. This is the “biggie”.  It is emailed to our complete list of thousands of foreign publishers and agents worldwide.  In addition to our regular foreign customers, it is also sent to a prospecting list of thousands of others.  Plus it is posted on our web site for a full year where it is continually referred to by even more foreign agents and publishers drawing exceptional interest.

2.  “Featured Title” Program, in which your book is featured in our uniquely special e-catalog and is posted on our web site for several months.  Includes your book’s cover and a full, detailed description.  Plus, the e-catalog of Featured Titles is emailed to our extensive list of foreign publishers and agents worldwide.  Our site receives thousands of hits from foreign publishers and agents searching for unique titles.

3.  Focused Inquiry Follow-Up. Many authors and publishers are unfamiliar with how foreign rights works.  Often they are contacted by a foreign publisher or agent interested in their books, but don’t really understand how to follow up or what to do.  We can provide this service for you, or coach you to handle it yourself.

4.  “Special Outreach Program”. Focused exclusively on your book only, to foreign publishers and agents, informing them of your book and encouraging them to take a look and consider acquiring rights for it.

5.  “Frankfurt Book Fair”.  Complete display, catalog & follow up at the world’s largest book publishing event.

Our Proactive Programs have resulted in thousands of foreign rights sales for our clients.